Security hole in new Samsung TVs allows hackers to see you easily

Internet access, apps, microphones and cameras are some of the popular features come equipped with most smart televisions nowadays. However, with all these features included, there is one reason why you should worry; hackers attack.

Recently, researchers at ISEC discovered security hole in Samsung Smart TVs that enabled hackers to access the TV's camera without you even noticing. This means, while you are watching your favorite shows, someone probably have been watching you too. They are also able to redirect victims to malicious website to steal information.

Thankfully, the security hole now have been patched by Samsung after researchers at iSEC Partners informed the flaws. Researchers said, "If there's a vulnerability in any application, there's a vulnerability in the entire TV" and although Samsung already push a software update to fix the bugs to all affected TVs, they remain skeptical whether it is perfectly secure because hackers can always find another way in the future.

Of course, when you feel paranoid, you can always cover the camera with duct tape.