Five goriest movies ever made

Do you think that movies like SAW and Final Destination are gory enough? Well, if your answer is yes, then I am pretty sure that you will not even dare to watch the five movies that I listed below. Let's start shall we and please don't scroll down if you are faint hearted.

5) Cannibal

This is not the 1980 classic cannibal movie. This movie was produced back in 2006 and it is based on a true story about a man who is searching for another man for sex with and to be eaten alive.

4) Grotesque

Grosteque is a Japanese movie that tells a story of a man and a woman that were kidnapped by a sadistic man. Both of them were put in a dark room and I am pretty sure you can imagine what will happen next based on the picture above.

3) Flower of flesh and blood

This is also a Japanese movie and it is about a crazy man who dressed like a samurai. He then kidnapped a woman and brought her back to his house. After that, the man started to cut the woman slowly.

2) Men behind the sun

Men behind the sun is a Hong Kong movie and tells a story about Japanese army who sent Russian and Chinese prisoners to unit 731. The prisoners of unit 731 then become subjects to horrible experiments.

1) Philosophy of a knife

Philosophy of a knife is another movie that is based on a true story of unit 731. It has interviews, old footages and also reenactments of what actually happened on unit 731. This movie deserved to be in a number one spot because the movie is just too gory, gross and disturbing and will surely make you squirm at your seat.