Avast! Antivirus for Mac review

Avast! Antivirus is one of the free antiviruses that are available on Windows and Mac.
I am one of Avast! users since 2007 and I can say that it is the best antivirus program that I have used so far.

A lot of Mac users say that Mac is an operating system that is free and safe from viruses, but believe it or not, that is just a myth. Actually Mac can be infected with viruses. Therefore, I take a precaution by installing Avast! on my Mac operating system.

Mac version of Avast! offers four protections for your system.

1) File System Shield

File System Shield helps to monitor and protect your files that are in the hard disk from viruses automatically.

2) Mail Shield

Mail Shield helps to monitor incoming e-mail to your inbox. If Avast! detected a virus in an e-mail, it will notify you.

3) Web Shield

Web Shield helps to monitor and protect your system from viruses when you are browsing the web. If Avast! detected a virus, it will blocked the virus before it is downloaded into your system.

4) WebRep

WebRep shows website reputation that you visit. Green means the website is safe from viruses and red means the website is potentially unsafe.

So, if you are a Mac user, I recommend you to install Avast! Antivirus on your operating system so that your Mac is protected and become much more safer from viruses and malware.

Download Avast! Antivirus for Mac here

Samsung ST65 digital camera review

I just bought a new camera. It is a ST65 digital camera made by Samsung. This is a budget digital camera but has some great features for its price. So, for those of you who are still looking for a cheap digital camera but offers a great quality, this may be a digital camera for you.

General Specifications

14.2 megapixels with 5x optical zoom
Macro mode
720p (25fps) HD video recording
Micro SD up to 8GB
Smart Auto function
Digital Image Stabilization

Design (4/5)

ST65 has a beautiful design and modern look. This camera is one of the slimmest and lightest camera in market now. It also comes in many different colors for you to choose from.

Performance and image quality (4/5)

The quality of the picture is very good. It is even better if you shoot in a good lighting condition. In addition, this digital camera has a Smart Auto function that enables you to take a picture without goofing around with complicated settings.

Below are pictures that I took using ST65 using Smart Auto function.

You can also take a picture manually using your own settings if you prefer.

Video recording quality (3/5)

Other than the ability to take a picture with 14.2 megapixels resolution, this camera is also able to record 720p HD video with a frame rate of 25 frame per second (25fps). However, the video recording quality is just average and has a lot of noises when you record in a low lighting condition.

Below is a sample of HD video that I recorded using ST65 without using Digital Image Stabilization function.

Price (5/5)

If you have a budget around $150, I recommend you to get this camera because the quality is very good although it is cheap. It is suitable for people who want to get involved or have a passion in photography but don't have money to buy a DSLR camera yet. It is also suitable for those who want to take a great picture but don't want to play with complicated settings all the time.