How to hack Facebook easily using sniffing method

This post is for educational purpose only. DO NOT use it to do illegal things because you might go to jail if you do so. This software may be illegal in your country so please use at your own risk.

If you are using open or public Wi-Fi or even a password protected Wi-Fi from your friends or family house, you need to know that they are able to sniff data from your computer and use them to login to your account easily.

To do this, you will need a rooted Android device and also an app called FaceNiff.

FaceNiff is a packet sniffer for Android and it is very easy to use. It enables you to access someone else's Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and many other accounts using the data collected using the sniffing method. It is not really a hack, but just a hijacking tool that is similar to Firesheep that you can get on Firefox or software called Wireshark.

Requirements :

- Android device
- FaceNiff
- Wi-Fi access (This sniffing method will only work on the same network)

1) Firstly make sure your Android device has been rooted.

2) Download FaceNiff here (The trial version only enables you to access three accounts, so you will need to unlock it first). If your Antivirus tell you it has virus, do not worry. It is false positive. If the link is dead, leave me a comment below.

3) Install FaceNiff.apk on your Android device and give it Superuser permission when requested.

4) Connect to any Wi-Fi that you have access to.

5) Start FaceNiff app and wait until Loading vendor list message finished.

6) Touch start and wait until FaceNiff finished collecting data from any computer from the same network that is login to Facebook or any other accounts. This will take a few minutes, so please be patience.

7) After it's done, lists of accounts will be displayed on the screen.

8) Tap the account that you want to access and it will launch your Internet Browser to access the account.

How to protect my account from being access by FaceNiff ?

Be extra careful, yhen you use public Wi-Fi or even your friends or family Wi-Fi. To protect yourself, you can use paid or free VPN such as Hotspot Shield.

Other method that you can use to secure your account is by enabling HTTPS for every website where HTPPS option is available.