How to take DSLR-like photos using your iPad

We all know that DSLR image quality is amazing. One thing that I like most about DLSR cameras is the ability to take photos with blurred background but the front subject still remains sharp. We called this depth-of-field.

But, do you know that you can achieve similar effect with an iPad/iPhone ? Yes, that's right, but of course with a little help from an app called AfterFocus.

What is AfterFocus ? AfterFocus is a photo app that allows you to take a photo and later add DLSR effects such as bokeh and blurred background to it.

It is very easy to use, all you have to do is first, take a photo or you can select one from your album and second, highlight the subject with the marker tool so you can enhance the background like adding blur effect to it. You can also add Instagram-like filters to the edited photo.


Find a subject.

Highlight the subject.

Set the blur level.

Apply a filter if you like.

Apply a second filter if you like.


If you are interested with this app, you can get it from iTunes Store for only $0.99. That is pretty cheap guys. This is a must-have app for photographers. If you like taking photos, you will surely love this app.

So, enjoy photos that I took using AfterFocus below and I see you guys in my next post.